About the Our American Journey Story Collection Tool

Through the Our American Journey website, the Smithsonian Institution invites the public to document and share examples of the cultural moments—in daily interactions or annual celebrations, in the past or present—that make your American experiences rich and textured.

Share how you participate in the creation of American culture in your everyday lives.  Sometimes, we make a choice to participate in the American experience – every time we step into a voting booth for instance.  But more often, our participation is through experience of our everyday lives: grocery shopping, starting a business, celebrating a holiday, going to school, playing music, and so on.
Through these individual identities and experiences, we, as Americans, can discover our shared national identity. We bring together different cultural traditions and ways of life into something new, greater than the sum of its parts, and uniquely American.
You can share stories about yourselves, your families, and your communities. Try to tell stories with details. Tell us about one day, one conversation, one event that illustrates something about you and your experiences living in the United States. We encourage you to attach photographs, pictures of objects, documents, videos, and audio recordings that help tell your story.

This online archive depends on your support. In 2016, the National Museum of American History will open Many Voices, One Nation, an exhibit about “peopling the nation” and the communities we create together. Your contributions are helping to tell this story. Several entries will be featured on Our American Journey’s blog and Facebook page.

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