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    Nature - living and nonliving elements of the natural world

    Health - health, illness, and the practice of medicine

    Culture - celebrations, ceremonies, rituals, religious practice, and the arts

    History & Society - large-scale system of human organization and society

    Everyday Life - obtaining and preparing food; home and family life

    Industry & Invention - innovative strides in technology and invention

    Exploration - research and discovery extending existing knowledge

    Protecting the Future - protecting and preserving resources for generations to come


    is a radically inclusive digital media studio for local teens. This programs give youth
    access to professional technology and art, connecting them to artist mentors who build a
    community of young creators.

  • Object of the Day

    The  Cooper Hewitt, National Museum of Design invites museum curators,conservators,and educators,as well as design enthusiasts such as the Teen Design Scholars docents, and Master’s students to share their favorite objects from Cooper-Hewitt’s incredible collection.

How do things fly?

The Wonder of Flight.

What makes an airplane fly?
How does a spacecraft stay in orbit?
Why does a balloon float in the air?

What are you waiting for?  Come and find out!.

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