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"With MySI, our website became a living,
breathing reflection of our unit. MySI allows
our entire staff to easily share their expertise
with the public and announce our successes
to the web. Our web traffic has spiked."

Marjee Chmiel,
Manager of Publishing & Technology
Smithsonian Science Education Center


The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Education and Access (ASEA) is building a pan-institutional Participant Access System (PAS) called MySI. All of ASEA’s efforts seek to excite, engage and facilitate exchange with audiences.

MYSI provides Smithsonian units with web-based tools and services and draws learners into deeper forms of engagement with Smithsonian content, resources and programs. This system embodies ASEA’s commitment to support dialogue with its communities. It also provides Smithsonian audiences with methods for accessing our content, resources, and programming by interest, location, or within demographic communities.

MySI includes access though websites, mobile web, or mobile applications. It will also provide Smithsonian units with the ability to collect and share stories, citizen science data and user profile data more easily. Smithsonian units are collaboratively developing this open source system.

The MySI team provides an array of consultative, design, implementation, and support services for websites, social media, and distance learning. The team is expert in building engaging and participative websites and web based tools. The MySI team trains its collaborators so that they are able to manage their sites, collect and share data, and work with their peers to continuously enhance and improve the MySI toolkit.

MySI Internship

"The prospect of entering digital content
onto the MySI Waterways page was initially a bit
intimidating, as I was somewhat of a neophyte to
the system. However as I began to do so,
I quickly found it to be user-friendly and instantly
gratifying as I could see my actions and the
content that I researched appearing
quickly on the site."

Erin O'Brien,


MySI Tools

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Conference Builder Mutual Concerns

Language Translation API Animal Connections, Science Education, MySI

Social Media Sharing Science Education

My Smithsonian (MySI) is Smithsonian's Participant Access System (PAS) initiative originating from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Education and Access (ASEA).

My Smithsonian is being  developed to engage and educate audiences using content, resources, and programming from Smithsonian and collaborating agencies and organizations.

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